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Can VW Import Helical Sweep from ACAD?

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Hi folks,

I created a curved staircase in AutoCAD with regular solids. The stringers & handrails are sweeps along helices. When I try to open the file (as either dxf or dwg) in VW, it loads the treads & other simple solids, but it seems to completely ignore the objects swept along a helix.

I'm using AutoCAD Architecture 2009 SP1 & VectorWorks Fundamentals 2008 SP3.

I even tried to explode the helical objects into surfaces, but that didn't work either. I just need to import it so my colleague can include the staircase in his VW pretty-picture.

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe there's something in the DWG / DXF translation that is getting lost on import. Try exporting just the swept helix to 3DS or SAT format.

Thanks for your suggestion. However, it achieved the same results as the DXF.

Vw 2008 does not import Acad 2009, so you need the Acad file saved to an earlier version.

I always save to v2004. I even tried exporting to a R12 DXF. Nothing works...which leads me to believe that VW doesn't understand an ACAD helical sweep.

Anyone else have suggestions, ideas, or thoughts on the matter?

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