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Vectorworks won't open



Hi, I just installed Vectorworks 2008 the student edition. I initially downloaded it for windows and the program wouldn't run after I entered the authorization code. I uninstalled that and installed it with the dvd, but it said it wasn't compatible with the version of quicktime I was running and never prompted me for an authorization code. I uninstalled quicktime and vectorworks and reinstalled all of it from the DVD. Now, not only will vectorworks still not run, but iTunes isn't working either. I have also not been prompted for an authorization code. I have a PC and I am currently running windows vista. Any suggestions?

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Right click on VectorWorks2008.exe in the Vectorworks folder and choose properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and check "Run this program as an administrator" to set it permanently.

The error message you saw about Quicktime more than likely said something like "VectorWorks has not been tested with this version of Quicktime" meaning the Quicktime version was released after the release of VW, not that there is necessarily a problem. I have never had a problem running newer versions of Quicktime, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You probably updated iTunes at the same time which does rely on the newer version of Quicktime. I would install the latest version of Quicktime and see what happens.

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