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Subtracting from walls results in Solid Subtraction

HP Sauce

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Perhaps we're looking at this problem the wrong way then.

The project we're using to test VW's prowess uses two different wall construction types, one for up to 2'6" elevation and another from 2'6" to 9'.

We use PIOs to place doors and windows in the latter of the two walls, then planned to subtract the remaining opening from the 2'6" wall. Which obviously isn't kosher.

How would one model such an occurrence whilst keeping in tune with a true BIM and the supplied VW tools?

Cheers for the help.

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Is there any way to subtract from walls without them being converted to Solid Subtractions?

Can you submit your signature re OS and version?

The wall tool is a hybrid object and you do not need to use subtract solids on it.

Placing symbols/objects such as doors is done by placing said objects in walls.

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