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Plot styles - ctb file



Similar to my fonts posting, I am trying to exactly match and ACAD drawing.

My client sent a .ctb file that sets line weights and so forth. The problem is she doesn't even know what all it does.

Can someone take a look at it? I've attached it with an extra .txt extension.


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CTB's are binary files, can't be read as text. Autocad includes a CTB editor that can open them and view the color-to-lineweight settings and the many other settings they contain for each of the 256 entity colors.

Autodesk makes a free tool that puts ONLY the color-lineweight info in an Excel file. I think it only works if you have Autocad installed. Maybe your colleague will be willing to do that for you.

Otherwise, your best bet might be to download a free demo of one of the Intellicads (BricsCad, Cadian, Cadopia, ProgeCad, and others) and install it and open the CTB with that.

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From the online manual:

If a .ctb file is detected, Map Colors to Line Weights is selected automatically, and VectorWorks reads the file to determine how colors should map to line weights. A dialog box displays to allow manual mapping (values are pre-set by the mapping file; duplicate mappings are indicated by italics).

So if the .ctb file is in the folder with the .dwg to be imported it should set the lineweights.

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