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Accuracy of 3D drawings

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Been using V works for awhile...but mostly as a 2D Lighting Plot application. Recently I decided to make the leap to 3D drafting. After many hours of swearing I think I'm getting the hang of it...the biggest problem I'm having is with snap-to functions in 3D. Pretty straight-forward in 2D...but once something is extruded it seems to be much more difficult to communicate to the program which #$%^ vertex I want to click on...especially if there's a mix of 2D and 3D objects in the drawing. I've learned with this program that almost nothing is intuitive (who would have thought to double click the snap-to-edge button to find the hidden "snap to 3d edge" option)...so I guess I'm just looking for general advice to avoid chasing .003" around the drawing all day.

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One thing that often helps is to use the Flyover Tool to change the view, a little or a lot. Select the object, and use the Flyover Tool in Object Center mode to change 3d the view angle so that the vertex or edge you want is not overlaying (many) other objects. Zooming in/out can also help. Learn a few key commands so you can change tools, mode, snap criteria, zoom, etc without mouse movement.

Hope this gets you at least one step further along.

It helps forum responders if you post your VW and system config. Open the My Stuff menu in top bar of this forum window and create a signature.


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Thanks. Updated sig. line. Using flyover is a good idea...it may help with parts of this.

It just seems to be much clunkier than drafting drafting in 3D as opposed to strictly 2D. I'm actually fighting with this as I type. I started with an extruded polyline which represents the general shape of the thing I need my shop to build. Then I used the double line tool to represent some of the inner structure so my carpenters know how to build the thing. Trying to drag the vertex of the 2D polygon over the edge of the 3D object to make one side parallel to the 3D object. When I drag it over, I notice that my +Y has moved, so I tab to it and enter zero so I know that I'm horizontal. Now I try to find a handle on the 3D object that is parallel to my vertex but on the line...no luck. Nothing snaps. So I have to go back and draw a line I know to be parallel to the 3D line so that my 2D has something to snap to.

There has to be an easier way.

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Sorry to disappoint you. Use VW as a 2D Drawing Program only. Been through the mill and it is no-use. My stuff is at Tech from last year and the bugs/problems/shortcomings is there to stay. Did a 27 Ton Structure in VW which the system handled well in terms of non-chrashing, which indicate a solid base somewhere but in getting 3D parts accurately assembled and holes where you want it without creep was pretty much an extreme effort.

Unfortunately they live in another world than the designers. It is BIM and looks like the Jap market. Looks like VW was once at a par in developing tools but they lost so much out in the last year or 2 that it have a multiplying effect of 1:3 in years to get somewhere near the vicinity of 3D leaders in the lower market even. Look at TurboCad V15 - their superior by far in 3D, bending, unfolding at a patch of VW price.

Anyway look out of the circle, VW is have no intentions of doiing it - go to SolidWorks, SolidEdge, ProEng and you will see what is 3D with a CAD that is intended to satisfy their users.

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Draw an object, 3d or 2d, with an edge parallel to say the x axis, then create a symbol of the object. Rotate it. Now dbl click to edit the symbol. The edit frame displays your object with the edge parallel to the x axis.

In the edit window you can change view to the front, side, top, for convenience of placing points and other objects on planes parallel to these predictable, repeatable views. Exit the edit, and the position and rotation of the objects are displayed as they were rotated. Your symbol now includes the new objects.

Or, in the symbol edit, place a 3d locus to indicate a snap point. Exit the edit and create/move new objects by snapping to the locus in the symbol.

Having said all that, I agree that the 3d snap and movement actions are not as easy or intuitive as I would like.


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Hadn't thought of making symbols out of the various items...I already do that for many items...even if I don't care whether they look different from 2D to 3D, it prevents lots of orphaned 2D objects roaming around in my 3D views. Converting to a symbol might help tremendously. Thanks for advice!

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Drawing in 3d from 2d views makes it alot easier. But, it means you have to jump from top/front/back/or side views alot.

Ive gotten really good at hitting the 2/4/6/8 number buttons....

Modeling would be much easier if VW have multiple windows from one file like other modeling softwares.....

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