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Update across all sheet layers

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I have a custom title block on a design layer.

I have then pasted a viewport of this boarder on to all my sheet layers (around 50 of them).

I have just added some information to my boarder design layer which I want to show on half of my sheet layers but not the rest.

So I have gone to one of my viewports, used the crop viewport tool, then copied the cropped viewport to 25/50 of my sheet layers.

A slightly lengthy process. But done.

But now I wish to add some more info to my design layer which now wont fit within the cropped areas.

I dont want to do the same process all over again!

There has got to be a way to have a "viewport" type object on a page that can be globally edited... Once!

Am I missing something?

PS on 40/50 sheet layers I moved my viewports around slightly, now I need them all to be in the bottom right hand corner of the page in the exact same location, how can I do this?

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I hate to say it, but this looks like one of those cases where brute force will be the path of least resistence.

Sounds like a couple of hours work which will be done the sooner you start.

Maybe you can make a master sheet - generate copies and then use the eyedropper tool to set up the viewports.

But there's probably going to be some "dumb tax" to be paid.

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Am I missing something?

I don't know if this will help now that you've already gone through your particular process, but the standard workflow for what you're trying to do is the following:

!. Make your custom titleblock a symbol, not on a design layer.

2. Add this symbol to the file Libraries:Defaults:Drawing Border - Title Blocks:Custom Title Blocks.VWX

3. Draw a standard Drawing Border object on your Sheet layer. You can individually number and annotate the titleblocks using the Drawing Border controls.

4. If and when you need an alternate design title block, repeat steps 1 and 2 with your new TB design and use that title block for the appropriate drawing borders.

In fairness, I must ask, "is it I who's missing something?"

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mmm Ok.

I used the example of a title block because it was easy to try and explain. The problem for me is really with all viewports where there are copies on other sheets layers showing the same area but with different class or layer selections. Some of these viewports need to be cropped for obvious reasons and ther needs to be a way to align viewports on several layers or change information across several viewports without having to do the same process to every viewport. I understand that there are somethings that just wont be possible as far as making changes to several viewports but if there was a QUICK way to align viewports then the cut and paste tool would speed things up (ie cutting and pasting a rectangle (crop) from viewport to viewport.

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