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Sketch rendering of viewports

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I doubt you will be happy with using sketched hidden line for a flyover. The model will not be retained and it will have to re-render every time you release the mouse button.

Foreground and Background rendering were added to replace an older technique of stacking viewports. You can set the backgroup render to OpenGL or Fast RenderWorks or artistic renderworks and the Foreground to Hidden Line (with or without sketch), This will give you an image with color, but well defined edges. If you are only using one rendering mode it does not matter which you pick, except only the line render options are available for the foreground.

I don't know of a way to get the sketch on a design layer in anything other than wireframe or hidden line.


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When you choose Hidden Line Rendering as the Background Render style, click on the Render Options button right below and checkmark "Sketch Hidden Line Rendering", then choose your Sketch Style.

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