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VW08 X-ref

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VW2008, sp2 on windows XP

I am trying to use WorkGroup referencing for the first time. I have imported a DWG survey into a blank drawing file. The Design layer is at 1:1 scale, and the DWG viewport is a 1:720 scale. In a new blank file with a 30x42 border I create a ViewPort in a design layer. I external-reference the survey and a VP box appears with a tiny dot in one area and a remote X where the border is. Apparently I can't reference the external viewport, so my only choice is to ref the design layer. I assume the survey origin is miles away from the center of my drawing, but I was assuming that VW would automatically center the linework. I have tried various combinations of layer scales, but I am unable to get the survey to fit inside my border at 1:720 scale. The help file doesn't seem to address this particular use of X-ref function. Any pertinent suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

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When I referenced the external file to a new Design Layer, I get the external classes and resources, but no visible objects. Select-All doesn't find anything except on the border layer. Classes are set to Show Snap Modify Others. Oh well, I'll just copy and paste the survey into the working drawing. I was hoping it would work faster as an X-Ref.

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A big part of your problem is having a 1:1 Design Layer. In VectorWorks you always set the Layer Scale to the scale you want to see the information at. In your case if you want to view the survey at 1:720 set the Design Layer to that scale Contrary to popular myth this will not affect the accuracy of the information - the information is still stored in the database at 1:1.

In VW the Layer scale is set to a particular value so that you can draw in a WISYWIG manner relative to the page. Each of your Design Layers should be set to the scale that you want that portion of information to be printed at. A 1:1 Design Layer scale woud only used if you wanted to draw and print out full size details.

Source Drawing:

- Check that the survey is actually at the correct scale in your drawing by measuring the length of a known element like one of the lot boundaries (DWG imports can sometimes come in at the incorrect scale).

- Change the scale of the Design Layer to the actual scale of the survey drawing.

- Move the page (or move all of the survey drawing) so it is centred on the VectorWorks page.

- Adjust the Sheet Layer Viewport if you still need it (or just create a new one).

- On the Design Layer switch the visibility of the survey drawing Classes until you are viewing only the information that you want to transfer to the destination drawing.

Destination drawing:

- Reference in your survey.

- Move or rotate the External Referenced DLVP survey as required.

- If you need to update the survey create an Internal Reference DLVP of the External Referenced DLVP to another layer and move or rotate this as needed.

Be mindful that the placed location of the referenced in information will be relative to the origin of the destination drawing. ie. the origin of the source information will coincide with the origin of the destination drawing. Therfore your referenced in information will be located relative to the destination drawings origin.

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