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There should be a setting which would allow a sheet layer to have all classes on for eternity. We have had countless instances of people pasting something on a sheet layer only to have it disappear later, because some or all of the item is on a class that is not visible for that sheet layer. In fact, there should be a way to control what classes are visible on sheet layers. I know that good practice would avoid this problem (that's a bit unrealistic), but I do not see the harm in allowing the user to control this.

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As you are probably aware, you can set the class visibility for each viewport. If you want to have all the classes on, then you can just set it that way. The easiest way I know of is from the Viewports tab of the Organization Palette. Select the Visibilities radio button.

If you want to control the classes visible on Sheet Layers, just go to the sheet layer, turn on the classes you want visible, and create a Saved View. Then when you want to go back to the sheet, select the Saved View instead of selection the Sheet Layer directly.


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We had this problem, and using a Saved View to get to a Sheet Layer is counter-intuitive as a solution.

The only solution is this - use class None for all objects in Sheet Layers. It works, and I've yet to find an argument against it (and I'm an advocate of generous use of classes).

I support your wish though, Drake. I've said this before - there is no reason that class state should be respected between Design Layers and Sheet Layers - the two are completely unconnected, except via their viewports. Whatever class state you leave a Sheet Layer in, so should you find it when you return.

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We have an office mandate that all items places on sheet layers are to be on the none class as well. This does not always happen, thus my request. I see no reason why this should not be done.

Wow, Pat you did figure out a way to address this. Very nice. Not as intuitive as giving the user control of class visibility on sheet layers directly.

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I agree with the fact that VW should save the class state in sheet layers.

There are times, especially when controlling the visibility of certain standard objects/legends/notes in a titleblock, where you need to control class visibility.

There is of course, also no reason why simply looking at another design layer with a certain class state of a previous view should change how your sheets print. There is another additional annoyance that drawing in a design layer, you then swap to a sheet layer and your class has not changed, and you start placing or pasting objects into viewports and they are pasted invisibly (an undo does not save you here as for some reason it does not work, you need to show the class in the viewport and delete the object(s), or, if you have pasted thousands of objects, revert to an old version of the file).

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