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zoom VW 2008

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one tip .... my Dell scroll wheel only works when VW 2008 is on the main monitor. If I slide the screen window to the other monitor, the mouse scroll wheel doesn't work. (Obviously, I put palettes on one monitor and drawing on the other ... the scroll wheel doesn't work in the pallets on the 'secondary' monitor.... when I slide the pallets to the main monitor, the scroll works in the pallets just fine.)

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after my last post... I got curious and went back to try something. I went into the Windows XP display control panel and the only thing I did was shift my #2 monitor from the left side of the #1 monitor, over to the right side. Now my scroll ball works equally well on all pallets and drawing windows, on both monitors. Very strange... but hopefully helpful to the VW engineers.

PS : I tested the scroll wheel on the Windows explorer panels and the scroll wheel worked equally well on both monitors, for each monitor position situation. This appears to be VW 2008 related.

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