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zoom VW 2008

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I've just installed VW2008 and cannot get my mouse scroll wheel to work on zoom. I've tried the options under VW preferences and have checked the logitech mouse driver for the scroll wheel option.

It worked fine this morning in VW12.5 but not in the upgraded version.

Any fixes?

I don't want to press the shift or option button but would rather the wheel controlled the zoom on its own. The wheel doesn't zoom with these buttons pressed either.

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Go to Start > Run and type in regedit

Once open, click on the + sign next to HKEY CURRENT USER

Click on the + next to Software

Click on the + next to Nemetschek

Right click on the VW 13 folder and choose delete. Click on YES at the prompt.

Right click on the VectorWorks folder and choose delete. Click on YES at the prompt.


For USERS, first expand the folder with numbers that does not end in CLASSES.

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Quicktime version 7.2 installed. My wireless logitech doesn't work, nor does the wired standard usb dell mouse. The only mouse in the office where the wheel zoom works is on the very small wireless microsoft laptop mouse. All these work fine in other programs and in VW12.5. This would appear to be a problem with the VW2008 install.

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Have you updated to SP 1, or are you using the standard VW 2008 ?

Can you try to restart the computer in safe mode to see if the corded mouse works?

Are other VW 2008 users in the office experiencing the problem?

We are looking into this. There has been one other report of this, and we are having a hard time narrowing down the cause. I really appreciate your patience on this, and providing as much information as possible so we can find a way to address this.

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