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12.5.2 stair tool problems again...


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i've got a 3 storey building with 2 stairs,

one stair from floor 0 to floor 1, +

one stair from floor 1 to floor 2.

the stairs are in different places in

the building + of different layouts...

i make a stair from floor 0 to floor 1,

check the breaks for upper + lower floors,

and all looks fine. i go to floor 1 +

duplicate the stair, set it's new upper +

lower floors <1 to 2> + adjust the layout.

it all looks fine on floor 1, you see the

top of the lower stair + the bottom of the

upper stair, go to floor 2 + you see the

top of the upper stair. all fine...

but going to floor 0, the bottom of the

lower stair has disappeared. go to floor 1,

check the upper + lower levels are correct,

press apply, + the bottom of the upper

flight disappears, but the top of the upper

flight is there on floor 2, incorrectly shown

with the lower flight's dimensions...

correct the upper flight + the bottom of the

lower flight disappears off floor 0...

etc etc...

delete one flight + the other is deleted


this is a new file, 12.5.2...

any chance of this being fixed

in 12.5.3, robert?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Gideon, I've tried to replicate your error in my copy of 12.5.2 according to the process you've laid out, but I cannot. I'm checking to see which internal version of 12.5 I have installed on my computer. Here are my questions:

-Do you have more than one version of VectorWorks 12 installed on your machine? When you choose "about VectorWorks", what build number is shown (5 digit number)?

-When you say a "new file", is this an absolutely blank file, not a template?

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I have also noticed in the past that copied stairs seem to be linked. I ran an experiment on an older project, copied the stairs, changed the floor layers, settings, etc. When one or the other is deleted, the other goes also (even making sure they are both de-selected to begin with). Try it in flyover and see!

The cleanest way is to make new stairs in each location, though contrary to the usual benefits of CAD.

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