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Can portions of imported images be printed?

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I am working on restoration of historic buildings. I want to use some of the original construction drawings with added notes and information for inspection sheets, details, etc. Many original drawings are 42"x60" in size. I would like to have a service bureau scan them and then I would input them as images in TIFF or whatever format you suggest. I tried a half-sheet (24"x42") scan as a test. It imports very nicely. When I try to print out only a portion of the image I get blank paper. If I reduce the image down so it fits entirely on one printer/paper size then it prints out beautifully but it will be too small a scale to work with. Can I get only a portion of the imported image to print?

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Bob, you can change the paper size in the Print Setup window to a smaller sheet size, then use the Move page tool, to move the printable area over the portion of the drawing you want to print. Once this is done you can choose print and this will only print the items in the printable area.

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Thanks, Mark, for your suggestion. I did try the Move page tool but still got blank pages. The grid of smaller pages that make up the total sheet size appears around the image but not over the image itself. It is as if the image has a white opaque fill and is on a layer above the grid of pages. To put it another way, if I try one 8.5x11 page and use the Move Page tool to position the page, as I move the "page rectangle" from the left (outside of the image) towards the center of image, as the page rectangle gets to the image it disappears behind the image. When the page rectangle is centered over the image the rectangle is invisible. What I might try next?

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Bob-- I've run into the same problem, and I'll tell you how I get around it but it's only a workaround, doesn't entirely solve the problem. choose "Gray Others" in the Layer Options menu (under "Organize"), then switch to a different layer (you may have to create another [empty] layer if you only have one), the image will appear only as a bounding box and you will be able to see the page rectangle. Of course, you won't be able to see the image details, but by switching back and forth between layers I can usually get what I want. I'd love to know if anybody else out there has a better solution....


Barb Nelson

RLK Hydro

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