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how do I adjust it?

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Pls add this to wish list, since without this adjustment THIS tool is UNUSABLE.

Line thickness options for the hatch would be a good add to this tool. I wouldn't have the hatch thickness be determined by the object line thickness though.

Far from unusable, I use the plywood option a ton. That is very cool.

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Do you know you can change the line thickness of the lines used in a hatch pattern by going into the 'Edit Hatch' window? Each 'Level' within the hatch pattern gets its own line weight assignment. And for a stipple hatch, I would always set the 'Units' to 'Page' rather than 'World' (in the 'Edit Hatch' window), so that it prints right at any scale.

I keep two different stippling hatches, one coarse and one fine.

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