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Changing class standard

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I am new to VW and have a problem...

I started a drawing file based on a document template. My file, therefore contains all of the class settings of that particular template. Now that I am starting to print preliminary drawings, I realize that those class settings do not reflect our office standards as I thought they did - lineweights, etc. Is there a way to change all of the classes to match another template file's settings - reference that standard - without having to change each class individually? In ACAD you could just load a different ctb file. Is there a solution here? Or am a screwed for starting with the wrong file?

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If you have a file with classes that you would like to emulate, you can place that file in the "Standards" folder within the Vectorworks program folder. Then in your new file create a new class using the "create class from standard" option. You can pick more than one or all of the classes that are in the "standards" file.

After you have brought in the classes you want, you can delete old classes and simultaneously reassign objects in the deleted class to another class. The option to reassign the objects to another class only appears after you click on the delete button (scary, I know).

Adding new VW layers can be done similarly to classes, but deleting VW layers does not perform like deleting classes.

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If the file doesn't have a lot of layers, you could just Ctrl-C Copy everything from the erroneous file, and then Paste-in-Place into a new empty file that has all the right classes and class settings.

You'd have to do each layer separately, since objects always paste onto the active layer and don't bring their layer with them. Paste-in-Place keeps them in proper alignment. But you could do all the classes at once. They'd all keep the class they were in originally, but use the class settings of the new file.

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