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Best learning manual?

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Kell, I have them all and they all take different approaches to teaching VW and even though Archoncad's Manual are not as slick and polished as the others they have helped me to get ahead of the leraning curve alot quicker. Jonathan Pickup is no writer nor is he an editor but he is very good with VectorWorks. Yes there are a few typos here and there and there is no dramatic soundtrack with his how to movies but where the other manuals show you what VectorWorks can do, Jonathan's manuals will show you what YOU CAN DO.

After dropping some good coin on Step by Step, Nemetschek and the boys from Resolve I still bit the bullit and ordered the Essentials manual(135.00 to get it from Aukland to Oakland) and by page 95 I was creating and cutting objects in 3D and by page 100 I ordered the second (Architect's) manual.

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I like manuals that don't treat you as you completely cad illiterate nor a computer whiz kid either. A good mix of illustration as well as explanation. The step by step progression thru a small residential project sounds like what I am after. I believe Archoncad has that as well?

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