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Exporting DWGs /Text is missing


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See if you can marquee select around the text and check the Attributes palette. The text may be set to the same color as the background.

The other thing to check is the text size. Sometimes the text size reverts to 0, which would be invisible on the screen.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

When I export it, there is text of all different sizes, some in groups, some in callouts, some with white backgrounds, some with no backgrounds, some loose. None of it shows up at all. When I reimport there is simply nothing there to select.

Now I export to VW8, put it over on our old G3 and export from there, then transfer it back to the Server and new Macs to email out!

The text comes in as Geneva, even though it was Helvetica originally.

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Recall that dxf/dwg exports at World scale not Page scale and that most Acad Users

seem to prefer Black background with magenta & white colors. Therefore, depending on your import Page scale ... text imports at very small point sizes and often as white on your white VW background. Use VW>Display Prefs > Black background to help find those little suckers.

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