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Weird happens with hp deskjet 9800 and Acrobat PDF

J Elizabeth


I'm working on updating the plot of my theatre and am having printing issues with the sheet layers. When defining the page set-up for printing with the HP deskjet 9800, I select letter size and it comes back with a print space of 10.35" x 8.24". If I choose the same setting with the Acrobat PDFWriter, it gives me a print space of 10.5"x8" which looks a lot better. If I try to get the same area with the HP printer, it ends up needing extra sheets to print with. If I "print" with the PDFWriter, all of the text is turned 90 degrees from where it is in the document. I'm currently using Vectorworks Spotlight 12 on Windows XP. Suggestions?

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In the Page Setup dialog box, make sure you always have One Printer Page selected.

By switching between printers, the margin allowance on each printer is different. When this happens, and you don't adjust the page size to be One Printer Page, VW sets it to "Other", which will likely be incorrect and resulting in a pattern like you describe.

As for the rotated text issue - checkmark "Disable driver text rotation" in the Print dialog box.

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I am having a problem getting my hp 9800 to print from VectorWorks. Just bought the printer, especially for printing out 11 x 17 test copies of VW files. It is EXTREMELY slow - about 1 1/2 minutes to start printing for a 11 x 17. This is even with black and white.

The light on the printer starts blinking as soon as I send to print but then nothing for about 1 1/2 minutes. SketchUp files, even in color, print quickly and just fine. I tried saving out the VW file to a pdf and printed it that way. That's a complete inconvenience - and takes way too long.

Please help! How do I get it to print VW files faster?

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