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  1. Hi there, I've working with VW 2013 and have managed to import an image into the Resource Browser which shows the image having color. It's been imported as a PNG file. When I attach the image as an attribute, it is in black and white even though the image on the attribute palette is in color. Additionally, if I zoom in and out with the mouse, the image will pop in and out of color. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks,
  2. I'm selecting lighting objects and then trying to align them, which I've been able to do before but now when I try, VW tells me that I need to select objects first, even though there are clearly objects selected. Suggestions? Running VW 12.0 on Windows XP
  3. I'm working on updating the plot of my theatre and am having printing issues with the sheet layers. When defining the page set-up for printing with the HP deskjet 9800, I select letter size and it comes back with a print space of 10.35" x 8.24". If I choose the same setting with the Acrobat PDFWriter, it gives me a print space of 10.5"x8" which looks a lot better. If I try to get the same area with the HP printer, it ends up needing extra sheets to print with. If I "print" with the PDFWriter, all of the text is turned 90 degrees from where it is in the document. I'm currently using Vectorworks Spotlight 12 on Windows XP. Suggestions?
  4. It's VW 12.0 and I'm running on Windows XP. Refresh didn't work though when I made a new label legend, it worked. I'm not sure why but it might be the document I'm working in, which predates me.
  5. I just recently started using Vectorworks again (it's been about 6 years) after using WYSIWYG at my old job for 3 years. My question is how, if at all, can I display the unit numbers on the Altman R40 instruments? The unit number is filled out in the instrument information and the label legend I'm using is meant to show the unit number but it's not. Is this even possible? Thanks, Jessica
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