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Please suggest a good graphic card


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OK, then it must be the computer. I am having a hell of a time with this:

AMD 64 X2 Dual core 3800+ 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, NVidia GeoForce 7600 GS 256 MB, dual monitors

Unbearable. and I only do VW with it.

The screen goes white at every render, windows if moved leave aliases. But the CPU never goes above 50%.

What shall I think about it?

thank you.

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Thank you Ray, I am so frustrated with this issue. You seem to have a very similar configuration and be quite happy.

I can try the latest card driver, it is always good (done a number of these). But I simply cannot stand this any longer. It makes my workflow a nighmare.


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Very very long. Time for many many cigarettes.

Rendering a building complex with windows on section viewports might well take 15 minutes (all needless classes out). Whereby it is dramatically improved since VW 12.5.1, as you know.

Normal viewports are somewhat faster. But also because I can switch off much more classes.

The last 5-8 minutes are a white screen and I don't trust to do anything on the PC. Which becomes completely unreliable and not responding. And (just tried a hard rendering) it goes about 57-59% CPU. Which is OK.

All these speed statements are pretty meaningless, you agree, not really knowing what objects, how many, are to be rendered.

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vsd ...

it's not your hardware ... NASA could've run the Apollo Program with what you've got!

Think about the procedures & processes involved with HiddenLine Render ... I/O ... data in & out...what about the temp file storage addressing ?

How's your coding ... are you using symbols & groups properly ? Are there multiple redundancies ?

HiddenLine processing is powerful ... processor intensive... but it should not be lethal to your sanity.

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I am now bound to use only parametrical objects. Symbols are unefficient for this kind of project (lots and lots of objects similar but not quite the same). But don't think it is anything that special. It is not.

That's why I wonder.

Too bad we cannot batch render hidden line.

If I run a batch render, it goes in a breeze. It doesn't have to produce a screen display, which seems to be the main problem here.

But correct me if I am wrong.

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