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  1. a new literary discipline is borne: Petriana: representative Petri online, a collaborative effort that aims to provide criticism of Petri's interventions, focused in the contest of modern literature. Oh, Petri.... LOL! vsd
  2. Sometimes you can access the layers by reference from another file, even if the file won't open alone. Give it a try. vsd
  3. I am now bound to use only parametrical objects. Symbols are unefficient for this kind of project (lots and lots of objects similar but not quite the same). But don't think it is anything that special. It is not. That's why I wonder. Too bad we cannot batch render hidden line. If I run a batch render, it goes in a breeze. It doesn't have to produce a screen display, which seems to be the main problem here. But correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Very very long. Time for many many cigarettes. Rendering a building complex with windows on section viewports might well take 15 minutes (all needless classes out). Whereby it is dramatically improved since VW 12.5.1, as you know. Normal viewports are somewhat faster. But also because I can switch off much more classes. The last 5-8 minutes are a white screen and I don't trust to do anything on the PC. Which becomes completely unreliable and not responding. And (just tried a hard rendering) it goes about 57-59% CPU. Which is OK. All these speed statements are pretty meaningless, you agree, not really knowing what objects, how many, are to be rendered.
  5. Yes. Thank you Ray, I am so frustrated with this issue. You seem to have a very similar configuration and be quite happy. I can try the latest card driver, it is always good (done a number of these). But I simply cannot stand this any longer. It makes my workflow a nighmare. vsd
  6. OK, then it must be the computer. I am having a hell of a time with this: AMD 64 X2 Dual core 3800+ 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, NVidia GeoForce 7600 GS 256 MB, dual monitors Unbearable. and I only do VW with it. The screen goes white at every render, windows if moved leave aliases. But the CPU never goes above 50%. What shall I think about it? thank you.
  7. Can someone suggest a good graphic card for PC? Hidden line renders, all renders should speed up. thank you. vsd
  8. Islandmon, I wish you weren't that far away from my location. I'd love to dig into that big black trunk. Would you send at least the screenshot of the big black trunk?
  9. Yes. This is the origin of the sticky myth "VW is un-precise". I visited an office of 15 people some days ago, all of them oblivious of the use of the Snap Grid option. All of them drawing with that ON. Please, switch that off as default (or give us start up scripts ) vsd
  10. No Petri. I am responsible up to 30 years for everything built. If a mistake pops up in this time, first thing they check if the drawings were clean. If something was missing or wrong I'm done. I have to pay. So I draw the whole lot up to 1:5. So I need detailed PIOs for windows. And much more still. I'll make myself the PIOs. vsd
  11. Petri, do you have a good win pio with detailed frame sections? 2D only is enough. vsd
  12. Then you'll have some pretty bad insertion problems (caps, breaks and so on). Not to speak of the overwork in managing them across a lot of files (lets say 1 project with 200 files, like I have). Even if you are disciplined in taking them only from a predefined library set of your own. Referencing the library. A horror it is. Much much more efficient to set up styles for them and switch attributes on the fly. Hundreds of them. PIO doors and Wins are only good for storing in sym defs, but in order to work efficiently, they have to expand to PIO objects when they are placed. vsd
  13. If you don't have Info Editor you simply waist an AMAZING amount of time doing things which can be solved in 2 clicks. I don't see A SINGLE reason not to use a tool which is not only awesome functional, around since a lot of time (it was called Record Editor before), but also developed from one of the people who made VectorWorks. You hardly can find a better tool. And Charles is not a whatever third party developer. Dropping interest in the thing in a while. Do read this -perfectly elementary- page of instructions and get going to advanced nail polishing (or forum writing) while VW does the job for you. BTW, you don't even need to read the instructions. It is self-explanatory. I truly don't understand your position. The target is to do things fast, isn't it? Not to preserve the team to learn how to click on a list of pios in order to "Change them en masse". Alternative is only spending one's own time clicking win after win, door after door in each wall. What is better? vsd
  14. I am currently testing the Info Editor. I tell you. You won't like to be without. I even abandoned the other tool I was using before in favour of Info Editor, in spite of tremendous resistance from its developer (myself) Buy it. Nothing more worth its money. vsd
  15. This issue was already brought up by Petri on vlist a while ago. I just repeat it here because I think it is an important one. The ObjectVariableInt prefs 124, 126 can be readed but not set on placed objects. Only symbol definitions. It would be nice if by the next release they could operate on placed objects as expected. Thank you vsd
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