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ability to (un)fold procedures and function

Dieter @ DWorks


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With scripts of 400 lines and up, and a bunch of procedures and functions, it would be a great help to be able to minimize some blocks of code to see the procedures you're working on in closer proximity to their calling procedures. This would be especially helpful when things aren't behaving as intended. Which for me is a lot of the time.

While we're at wishing for vScript improvements...I wish CASE supported strings, and variables for the branches.


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All the free editors I know of are for Mac. Macs have the benefit of having a large body of free old school UNIX apps available, like Xemacs (or vi if you prefer).

I personally try to use code libraries as much as I can and bring them into my scripts with the {$INCLUDE} compiler directive. I keep the code libraries open in a seperate textedit (yes, I am too lazy to install Xemacs) window so I can make quick edits to them if I need to.


Oh... and while we are on the subject of vScript improvements... I wish we could chuck the pascal out the window in favor of perl.

And I want a pony.

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