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PDF Menu items missing in Designer

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I have discovered that my employees, all using my W Architect licensed products, have Export to PDF and Export Batch PDF capability on their machines.

On my machine I have VW Designer 12.5.1 and I do not have a menu item for exporting PDF and batch PDF. I updated to 12.5.2 and still do not have these menu items.

Instead I have a menu item to export PDF (Quartz Only) -that's it!

How come this is so? How do I get the same PDF functionality as the Architect users?

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Your help is very much appreciated!

Upon reading your replies I had a Duh-Oh moment - Oh yeah - Menu item, workspace editor. Funny how you get so close to a problem you cannot see the solution even when you know where to look or it is right there in front of you.

Again, thanks for removing the blindness.


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