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Vectorworks 11 dongle not found



Hi, I just got a new intel core2 duo iMac (OS 10.4.9) and I'm trying to use my copy of vectorworks 11 on it. However, when I start up with the dongle connected I still get an error message saying "dongle not found". I called tech support and was told that I should make sure I had installed the HASP HL drivers and not the HASP 4 drivers. After thanking the support rep and looking at the aladdin support pages for HASP HL


and HASP 4


I found that they both provide the same installer for Mac OSX. Shouldn't tech support have already known this? To be sure I tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling with each of the different type of drivers to no success. I was considering buying the newest version of Vectorworks so I could take advantage of my intel processor, but if I'm discouraged if I can't even get the version I have to work.

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Oops, thanks Katie, I guess that should have been the obvious thing to do but I feared that I must be reeaaaaally not on top of things if I couldn't even install a driver as instructed. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly though, your dedication to this forum is commendable.

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