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Vectorworks and Illustrator

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I have been using Illustrator for years and find it far more suitable than vectorworks for creating more sketchlike/hand drawn curves. I would like to incorperate the two apps, as they both have seperate benefits.

However, if I was to create my vector design (Say a font or an ornate detail) in Illustrator and copy and paste it into Vectorworks12, it never comes through perfect, it always has a few glitches and fixing them up is a nuisance.

Does anyone know how to solve this porblem?

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Are you using the actual copy and paste functions to transfer your image? The clipboard can have DPI limits that will affect the image quality. I often use it the other way around, making my image in VW, exporting the image with a suitable resolution, and then importing into Illustrator. I am much faster in VW than Illustrator so this works well.

Try exporting your Illustrator image in various formats, and then importing into VW. You may find one that works better than the others for your particular needs.

Also, if you tell us what type of computer system and software configuration you have, you will get a more targeted response.

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