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door schedules

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Is it possible to compile door schedules from several files into one file to create one overall door schedule? We've tried workgroup referencing, but only the header information is referenced. Others in the office mentioned using the import option within the resource browser, but that option is greyed out in our instance.

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I don't use door schedules, but I do this all the time with other objects that have records. Create the schedule in 'Master' file (is this known as the target?) and the worksheet will list everything in the file that's coming in from another file, as well as anything actually in the file.

I think this is the same thing as what Jim's talking about. I'm just not sure which file is called the target file. Who's shooting at who?


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Thanks for the help guys! I was able to get the schedule to show the correct doors. I was also able to figure out how to sort the door number column. I'm having trouble with adding a row to the schedule to call out the different floor levels within the schedule. When I add a row, it follows the sorting for the door numbering, which forces the row to the top. Is it possible put the row where I need it?

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I'm not sure Jody, but I think you need to play around with the sort and sum widgets some more. You can have up to 3 in a database header. I can usually get the kind of sorting I need, even though I don't fully understand how these things actually work. I just add,remove and drag em aroung til I get what I want.

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