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Circular windows

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Here is the skinny from Julian Carr for creating a circular window...

It used to be possible in a very old version of WinDoor, but this is no longer the case for some technical reasons. For the next version I have worked out a way to add them back - both round and oval. In the mean time, here is how you can create one:

1. Draw a circle with desired outer diameter. Duplicate it in place, then reduce the radius in the Obj Info palette by your frame thickness (40mm?).

2. Select both circles and choose Clip Surface from the Modify menu.

3. Switch to a Front view and position the circles at the desired Z level. Select the outer clipped circle and extrude to the wall thickness (100mm?). This will give you the frame. Select the inner circle and extrude to a 6mm thickness for the glass.

4. Switch to a Top/Plan view and align the glass where you want it in the frame.

5. Insert a WinDoor object and create window that looks how you want the 2D components to look. Choose Convert to Group from the Modify/Convert menu. Align this group and the 3D bits you just created.

6. Select both 2D and 3D bits then choose Create Symbol, etc. Place in wall in desired location.


And thanks Julian

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