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Ability to give wall components a class

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I'd like the ability to give wall components a class, so I can turn them off and on for certain drawings.

For instance we draw plans at building control/construction stage for which we don't want to include wall linings. But we also have furniture and electrical layout drawings in these files (including bathrooms and kitchens) where we want the lining to show so we can set out the furniture etc. correctly and easily. The above ability would allow us to turn the lining on while we draw (as a guide) but turn it off otherwise.

I'm sure there would be many other examples where this would be useful too. (It's been suggested before, I think, but I couldn't find it.)

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I think I have suggested this already, but the more, the merrier! Besides, your reasoning is much more compelling than mine.

My point was that since one has already created a class for brickwork, concrete, mineral wool insulation etc, why should one be required to create hatches to represent the same items.

The ability to produce a drawing showing only wall framing (one of the implications from your said reasoning) would indeed be very useful.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention too, one work around?at least for my example above?is to create a wall style with a lining and then remove the lining when you've finished drawing. Not very intuitive but it gets the job done (in this one situation at least).

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