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Petri is right on this point. When we design floors and roofs we consider all the components associated with the that floor or roof, which give us a thickness, so when we make a section all those components give us that "sandwich". I think VW achieved this in its Wall Styles pretty well.

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I've been thinking this matter a bit, from quantity/costing point of view; considering how relevant data could be extracted with scripts.

While with wall styles it is possible to interrogate the style and find out the fill style (eg hatch) of each component, I think it would be more straightforward to have classes for the purpose.

So, my final (for the time being) wish is that floor and roof styles will use classes in component definition - and that wall styles are further developed in the same way.

There is certain merit in the current approach in wall styles (an additional data structure), but on the balance I believe classes would be both sufficient and better. (I think most people hate hatches, especially creating and editing them. True, a name only is enough, but nevertheless.)

The purpose of the script(s) is to generate raw data for processing in a relational database - which we are obviously not going to see inside VW, if my reading of some recent messages is correct.

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