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Worksheet Help - PIOs

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You can convert the truss into a symbol. The truss will be converted by default into a symbol when you convert the truss to a lighting position, it will just be named the same as the lighting position.

When you run the worksheet reports just choose "in object".

The other option is to add a line to look for length of the truss.

In a database row

=('Straight Truss'.LineLength)/12

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Thanks for the help!

I tried working with this for a while, and I couldn't quite get it;

If I set the criteria to count type=symbol, and I convert the truss to a symbol (position object), I do get the the name of the truss, but the length string just reads 0.

How ever, if I set the critereia to type=PIO, I get the truss length but not the name...

I'm closer, just not there yet.

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