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VW12 will not run



OK - this has me beat. VW12.01 (from CD) seemingly installs OK but will not run. there is a flicker of activity when invoked - then nothing.

I have run chkdsk on my drives, uninstalled VW via deleting registry entries, reinstalled (to same & different dirs), deleted all Nemetschek/VW entries but still no program, no message, just nothing.

Dongle lights up OK

Program has previously worked up until yesterday - vital for my work so most urgent.

All other stuff seems to be running OK so I am at a bit of a loss - maybe missing something simple. Would appreciate any help/advice



Athlon 3400 64 - Win XP SP2 (all latest fixes)

1GB RAM, nVidia GS7800S Video

2 x 169GB SATA HD

1 x 200GB USB HD

1 x 300GB USB HD

Zone Alarm Pro

Trend Micro PC-Cillin 14

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OhGeorgie -

That is a totally different problem. The workspace you are using is corrupt. The only way to resolve this is to reinstall. Coincidentally, if you have a backup copy of your workspace prior to having this problem, you can copy and paste it over the existing (bad) workspace.

In the future, keep a copy of your workspace stored in a location outside of the VW folder in the event this problem comes up again.

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