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Unicode support

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It' s been years since everybody else (your competitors I mean) have supported in their applications unicode support for text. Since not everybody uses English as a first language it would be wise to add unicode support so other languages can be used on VW. This particular wish is very high in countries like Greece and is one of the decisive factors in avoiding to buy your otherwise brilliant software

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I've seen this topic for a long time. We have some problem with Thai fonts too. I don't know this is because of unicode or not. WinXP have problem with some charactor but on OsX it can not dispaly Thai fonts at all. I've been ask tech support several time they can not do anything. So after the new os release this problem still exist or not?

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Yes, there should be unicode support, and I assume that there will be soon. Autocad has introduced it for version 2007.

Until then, Thomas, perhaps you could use non-unicode Greek fonts, such as Symbol, Aisa, Aristarcoj, Galilee, and SPIonic. You would have to set your operating system for English or any other Latin-alphabet language, since non-unicode Greek fonts use the character codes for the Latin alphabet to draw Greek letters. And there might be some differences as to which key types which Greek letter. And if you wanted to use any Latin-alphabet language in the text, you would have to change to a different font, since non-unicode Greek fonts have only Greek letters. VectorWorks allows change of font in the middle of a text object.

I don't know of any non-unicode Thai fonts, Arch16, but if you know of some then you could use the same workaround.

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It's good to know someone interested in this problem.Thanks.

I think this is not unicode problem directly. Because autocad don't have problem with thai fonts. VW can work with Thai fonts since VW9 until now. Thai language need 4 levels to display correctly but in VW it can display only 3 levels.In VW 12 have more problem with one charactor it display in square box. In OsX,Do you have any advice?

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Yes, Arch16, it sounds like your problem is not lack of unicode support. But I've never heard of "levels" in fonts before. I don't know what that is.

The only thing I can think of is that it might be a problem with the identification fields in the font file, since you said you have different problems with different operating systems and different versions of VectorWorks.

I once had to make several different versions of a font file, because the original file wouldn't work with Autocad, and when I changed the file it wouldn't work with other programs, and then I found that neither of those two files would work with Windows XP. I couldn't find a way to make a version that would work correctly with both Win98 and WinXP, and with Autocad on the one hand and all other programs on the other. In some cases, a file wouldn't work at all with one combination, and in some cases it would work but not correctly. I never understood what caused the problem.

I didn't make the font. It came on a CD full of Truetype fonts. The changes I made to it were slight changes, not to the characters themselves but only to the fields that identify the font file to the system. The fields were called "Family", "Sub-Family", "Full Name", "Postscript Name", "Identifier", "Version", "Style", "Weight Class", "Width", and maybe some others. I tried different combinations of those fields until I found one that worked for each combination of operating system and application.

To make those changes, I think I used either a shareware font editor, maybe "High Logic Font Creator" or "DW Emett's Softy", or else maybe Microsoft's free "Font Properties Editor".

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