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  1. Anybody have problem with quicktime update? I use VW to import image files often in my working drawings and use itune+quicktime to collect my music and video. After quicktime update I can not import image files into VW. So I must downgrade the QT to lower version to use with VW. Please advice how to solve this. Thanks.
  2. I think the problem is Vectorwork can not have different tick on both side of dimension such as when we need to define the dimension from center of column to rim of wall. How can I draw diemension that one side is circular for centerline another is tick for rim. In VW2008 it can do something like I wish in line attribute. You can set both end of line with different endpoint. So I think VW2009 can do the same with dimension. Thanks
  3. I agree with this standard drafting. I wish for this for a long time in vw2008 it's closer for line but not dimensioning.
  4. WIsh for the better interface, good looking as CS3 and support really unicode fonts in every part of program such as in OIP, VectorScripts etc., Thanks
  5. If I want to customize VectorWorks to Thai especially on object info pallette for Thai users. How do I start? I've been trying to edit by VectorScripts plug-in editor. It does not work because the scripts do not compatible with Thai command. Thanks
  6. The "Stack layers" is off and it not have any error message. It's nothing happen.
  7. VW12.5, Can not import image file, need any advice.
  8. After install the 12.5 update, my life and work seem to be better it support thai fonts now both on PC and Mac. I hope greece guy would try this too.We are waiting someone to correct this problem a long time. Thanks for Tech.support. It have a little bit error on plug in object that have problem. I must convert it to group and edit by Text Tool it's ok. Any advice with this problem
  9. It's good to know someone interested in this problem.Thanks. I think this is not unicode problem directly. Because autocad don't have problem with thai fonts. VW can work with Thai fonts since VW9 until now. Thai language need 4 levels to display correctly but in VW it can display only 3 levels.In VW 12 have more problem with one charactor it display in square box. In OsX,Do you have any advice?
  10. I've seen this topic for a long time. We have some problem with Thai fonts too. I don't know this is because of unicode or not. WinXP have problem with some charactor but on OsX it can not dispaly Thai fonts at all. I've been ask tech support several time they can not do anything. So after the new os release this problem still exist or not?
  11. About a month with VW11,Thanks to Open DWG Team.This is the best version of import/export dwg/dxf since r8.I can import my old dwg library as symbol about hundred files within 3 minutes and it's work very well.Thanks
  12. How long will VW support Thai fonts? I use VW with Thai fonts few years ago.I think it's work fine on Win'98 Thai edition.After Win'XP,it's have some trouble with Thai fonts gave with os like some graphic program too.But I can find some free Thai fonts that can work well with it.I'm just an designer not a programmer so if any Techsupport look at this problem will help expand Thai user group here.If you need some example fonts i can e-mail to you.Thanks a lot.
  13. I have some problem with Thai fonts.Almost shape file fonts from ACAD.I can import ACAD with Thai shape file by use the english keyboard layout fonts,that someone give me for solve this case.But it's not a normal way to work.Because VW can use the true type fonts in OS generally.So someone advice me what scripts that I will use for change fonts file that use english keyboards to switch to correct Thai-English keyboard. Many Thanks
  14. It is all default Thai fonts on WinXP.Such as cordia,angsana,browallia,etc.
  15. Since VW9 until VW11,I have problem with format text tool.Everytime I format text with font that uses in our office format.After typed it,when I want to edit,it always switch to Arial fonts not the typical format set.Anybody help? VW Industries11 Win XP
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