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Window Problems VW12.0.1 on Intel Macbook Pro


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We are experiencing incompatibility with the VW 12.0.1 Window tool between the Macintosh G5 machine and a new Intel Macbook Pro laptop(dual core, 1GB). The window muntins and configuration show fine on the (dual 3.5 8GB ) G5 but have split components and no, nada, zip muntins on the Macbook Pro. What shows as say a single casement with 1 vert and 3 horiz muntins on the G5 in elevation, 3D and Window dialog shows as:

A split window, one above the other at about 8' up and no muntins show. Double casements split into three sections one to left and above, and the third to the right and above the main window. No muntins show.

When the file is sent to the Mac G5, all displays normally!

I am doing a bug submit and can send screen shots (.png or .pdf) of the problem.

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You are seeing this behavior because of the noted bheavior of the offset tool while using intel macs.

This problem will be eliminated when a universal binary version of VW becomes available.

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Thanks for the replies, Christian and Katie.

I suspected that it was a "not supported yet" problem. I have forwarded the file and screen shots to bugsubmit@ anyway - in case it helps get the MacIntel problem resolved easier for the programmers.

We are waiting with bated breath for that update as we need the laptop for field work and presentations. The old G$ Powerbook is on it's last legs.

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