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Text blocks to 3D loci

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A surveyor has provided me with an incomplete file (and of course I'm in a rush) with 914 points identified. They've imported as groups with a text object adjacent. I'd like to automate placing a 3D locus with the correct Z coordinate (given in the adjacent text). Obviosuly what I'm after is data for a DTM. Any suggestions? Manually placing 914 3D loci and assigning their Z's would be tedious.

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Thanks! That's very helpful. Here's what I ended up doing--a bit more simple-minded I admit, but I couldn't have done it without seeing your examples first:

--I copied all my text objects and pasted them into a clean file

--Exported as a VectorScript file

--In a text editor, I did a series of find/replace, replacing first




then (at the end of the x,y for the text object) replacing






finally, I replaced

'' (at the end of the line with the text object's value)



This had the effect of changing each text object with an x,y and value into a 3D locus with an x,y, and z, using the text object's value for the z.

--I then saved the text file as MyFile.vss, then imported into VectorWorks as a VectorScript.

Seems to have worked like a charm. Thanks again!!

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