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Rotated Callouts

Tom K

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I am working on a building with a curved floor plan. I would like to be able to rotate my callouts to match the angle of the segment of the floor plan that I am working. The callouts appear to want to maintain a horizontal position.

Is there a way to rotate callouts?


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Yes, but it's somewhat tedious. 1) Create the callout, 2) Ungroup it, clicking yes you really want to do this, 3) select the text and Convert TrueType to Lines, 4) Group what are now the callout components, 5) rotate the Group to your heart's content.

Obviously, you give up the benefits of having an editable callout after this. You might consider simply angling the leader lines uniformly along the radius and letting the text itself remain horizontal. It'll likely be easier to read.

Good luck,

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Use the pre-callout method

Use a simple text or text box

angle the text to match wall using rotate tool

add 2 lines - with one of the lines use the arrow from attributes palette

group the whole thing

copy and rotate for next segment

edit group to revise the text

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Thanks for the input guys.

I ended up using the regular text tool, then grouping it with a polyline that had a arrow at one end. This means that I couldn't use notes from my database (not the end of world).

The reason I wanted to rotate the text. Imagine a floor plan of repeated rectangles where each adjacent rect. is rotated 8deg, to simulate a curve. As the rotation of each rectangle becomes greater it gets harder to add notes that do not interfere with dimensions and walls and other objects.

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