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I feel a little silly asking this... Is there a way to view extrudes with a dashed line or a fill style. I only have the option of a line drawing (no dashed lines) I can change the line color but that is all. I want to represent a beam that I built as an extrude on a plan as a dashed line (representing that it is above the section cut of the plan), there must be a way to do this, however I have been unable to figure this one out. Any help would be most welcomed.



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Yes, I know that attributes panel controls dash styles and fills, but my problem is that when I change those attributes with an extruded object I do not get a dashed line in my wire frame drawings. If I double click on the extruded object to modify it, it shows as a dashed line, but when I go back to the overall plan that I am working on it shows it as a solid line.

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