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entering the serial number for each user



I am using Vectorworks 10.5 and Mac OS 10.2.8.

I have to enter the serial number for each new user that wants to work with VectorWorks. Since we have hundreds of users this is very time consuming and annoying. Is there a way to "serialize" the program for all users of the program, instead of on a user to user basis


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I read through your postings Patrick and I think my issue is a little different. You want to be able to enter multiple serial numbers, whereas I want to have Vectorworks store the serial numbers in a place other than the users' home folders. Each time I have a new user log on to a machine we have to manually enter the serial number. Most programs serialize the program for all users of the program, not just the one who entered the serial number.

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So am to understand that VectorWorks 11 with Mac OS 10.3.5 cannot store serial #'s in a place where all users can access it. I have a KeyServer which the new version of Vectorworks will not use and I have network dongles AND YET I have to move serial # pref files to 100 users who share 5 machines. Aside from the pain for the users..... well anyway.

This must be a joke. Every other piece of software I have works better than this, Even LightWright (for theatre lighting paperwork) from a one-man software company does machine level serial #'s. ARGHHH.

Please tell me I am incorrect and I will stop this rant.

Thank you for reading,


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