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Dongle !!!!



I formated my HD and reinstalted all System OS X (10.2.6)

I instalted also Aladin "aksusb Installer"

I hove tryed it all and i gate the massage

"There is no VectorWork dongle attache to this computer ......."


The Dongle light is ON !!!


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I have the same problem. After reinstalling system 10.2.6 on a dual processor G4, I installed vectorworks in full i order to get the dongle driver working. During installation I got this message: "The installation of Mac OS X dongle drivers failed because the installer could not achieve full administration privileges on this machine."

The log in and password were correct and I do have admin privileges.

What is wrong?

PS Duby: I can still use VW under Classic - perhaps You can too until it is fixed.

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It sounds like the admin privledges are not to the specific locations the dongle drivers need.

Are you logged onto the local computer as the administrator to the local computer?

If not, you need to do so to get the dongle drivers to install.

You can also download the dongle drivers at ealaddin.com.

Click on Support and Downloads

CLick on HASP

Select Hasp for End Users and click on GO.

Click on Latest Hasp Device Driver

Click on the HDD Unified Installer.sit.hqx.

Download that and install it. If you get the same message there, then the admin privs are not set correctly for the appropriate places. Which probably means you are not logged on as the admin to the local computer.

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I have been struggling with installation of vectorworks 10 for 3 months and can still not get the dongle to work. last night i compleatly erased my hard drives to zero and reinstalled os x. then i reinstalled vectorworks according to the reams of useless instructions i have been given. once again my computer tells me there is no dongle attached. i have done everything these guys have suggested at least 10 times each and still get the same message. i have downloaded the aladdin dongle driver and installed it over and over. i have reverified my disk drive dozens of times. my adminstrator priviledges are set correctly. i have basically given up and moved on to autocad. any suggestions

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Is the dongle light on or off when you plug it in?

When you start VW does it say no dongle can be found or do you get another message?

Have you run the dongle utility to verify the dongle ID and serial number match?


What version of VW are you installing?

What version of OS 10 do you have?

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