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Epson 1160 and Gimp Print

Barry Williams


This is not really a VW issue so apologies for this post.

We're using OS 10.4.4 with Gimp Print drivers for our Epson 1160 because in their wisdom Epson have removed the ability to centre pages and have a huge border on the right hand side with their own drivers (a bit annoying when we're trying to do presentation drawings).

The problem we have with the Gimp drivers is that any photos are coming out darker and have a greenish colour cast to them. This happens when both RGB and CMYK are set as the output mode and printing from VW, Power Point, Acrobat.

The option to change colour levels is greyed out so I haven't a clue how to boost the magenta etc.

Just wondered if anyone has come across a work around for this.



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I am a bit puzzled by your comment about margins.

I do all my A4 printing, and some A3 prints to my Color 1160 (in landscape mode), and it will print quite close to all edges, closer I think than you would really want with presentation drawings.

Maybe you should try downloading the latest driver from Epson and trying it.

I don't know about colour trueness, that seems to be a minefield on any computer/printer combination if other posts here are anything to go by.


David W

Auckland NZ

G5 iMac, 1.5Gb RAM, OS 10.4.4

VWA+R 11.5

Epson Stylus Color 1160, HP Designjet 110plus nr

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