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Label Legend text problem

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I'm having a problem with a current plan where the legend text is not displaying as per the label legend manager. The legends I'm using are imported from other drawings and the font and style settings in the label legend manager are correct. But when the legend is assigned the light does not display the text correctly. When I shift the text manually, it then displays correctly (and prints correctly), but when I refresh intruments, the text returns to the incorrect look. Anyone have any ideas? This is the first time this has happened to me and it is really confusing. I've tried deleting the label legend and re-importing it, and I've tried removing the label legend from the lights and re-attaching it but it doesn't help.

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Unless you placed an instance of each of your label legends onto a layer of your drawing the legends were purged also. The purge function dumps any unused items and if the legends are not actually in the drawing it thinks they are not being used. At least that is what has happened to me in the past. Once you complete the purge you can delete them from the drawing. I still have 9.5.3 so it might be different in 10, don't know.

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In version 10, purging the document should not delete the Label Legend Symbols.

When you hover over the labels do you get the curssor cue? What is your sanp grid set to? Try turning off the sanp grid.

Check the Show Data box in the OIP and Delete the values in the DoNot Edit Field. This will force the labels to use the settings in the Label Legend Manager, but you will have to redo any multi-circuit instruments.

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I've got the exact opposite problem. I have also imported my label legends. The text is immovable. I don't have the ability to drag the text around at all. I have done one thing that might be the cause. I have done a purge of everything in the document. Maybe I inadvertantly deleted something?

Windows 2000 - VW 10.1.2 Spotlight

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