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Win2K v 10.5 Font Issues



We have just upgraded to 10.5 architect.

We have a problem with plotting from the Win2k machines as follows (note no problems with XP):

1. Black Arial Narrow text appears as white text over solid black background (this applies to standard text and that within symbols).

2. Dashed line types change to standard lines.

10 PCs- Windows 2K + XP pro PCs

P3 766- P4 2.3

256- 512 RAM

Plotter- HP 750C Plus with HPGL 4.63 driver

Standard drawing font- Arial Narrow.

The fault is intermittent. Typically the first print will fail. The next print is usually perfect but not always.

On the failed prints, some text and line types (approx.10 percent) print normally. Line weights however have always changed to 0.10 on these failed prints.

Please help.

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Hi Katie

Tthanks for your reply.

We have tried what you suggested.

With this setting we have to choose either top, left, right or bottom for 'efficiency'. This setting chops a healthy margin off the print ie 60 mm (2 1/2 inches)

We have tried the other optional print settings but with no luck.

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Do you see the white blocks behind the text on the drawing?

Are you working on a white or black background?

Go to File.Preferences. Select the Display tab.

Do you have "no fill behind text" checked?

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Just curious if any solution came out of this. I, too, am having the exact same problem with version 10.5, using w2k, hp750c plus, driver hpgl 4.63, with times new roman text. My lineweights are sometimes affected, as well as any fills showing up as black instead of white, or not plotting at all. There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the problem. It's very inconsistent.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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