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Lineweight for instruments and positions

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Originally posted by pscbimmer:
Is there any way to change the lineweight of instruments.

Both the lighting instruments and the lighting positions are based on sybmols. The symbol defines the look of the object and the custom object provides the smart container around it. Just edit the symbol definition for your lighting instrument or lighting position and the changes will apply to all instances of the item.

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Originally posted by pscbimmer:
Where do you edit the symbol definition?

Gareth's suggestion for editing an instance of s symbol is correct, but you will most likely not have any actual symbol instances. You will instead have lighting devices. In this case you'll need to edit the symbol definition through the resources palette, or place an instance of the symbol and use the editing procedure previously mentioned.

To edit the symbol from the resources palette just select the symbol and press the edit button in the resource palette. You'll need to make sure you have your current document selected in the resources palette and not one of the library files. If you want to update the master library file you'll need to browse to and open this file before editing the resource. In other words you can only edit resources for files that you have open but you can import resources from any file on the disk.

After pressing "Edit" A dialog comes up asking if you wish to edit the 2-d, 3-d, or insertion options. Choose the option for 2-D. Change the lineweights etc of the symbol definition. After exiting the symbol def it will upate all current instances of the symbol with the new attributes.

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Is there any way to change the lineweight of instruments. I have inserted them, then changed the lineweight but nothing happens and they print in one lineweight. Also is there any way to change the line weight of lighting positions after they have been converted to light positions with a certain lineweight. For example I have a line at 40 mils lineweight, that I converted to a light position(catwalk pipe). I have tried to change it to 20 mils, but nothing has happened. Do I have to redraw light positions if I want a new lineweight? If I do you guys should consider making lineweights of any object or device adjustable in the next version of VW.

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