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  1. That was my problem too.I figured this out because my HD died and I had to reinstall my programs. When I started up VW I got a warning that the version of quicktime I was using was not the same one that shipped with VW, and that if there were functionality issues to install the version that came on the cd (6.5.1). I installed 6.5.2 and all the functionality returned.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but none of that solved the issue. I switched workspaces, I uninstalled then reinstalled, and I also tried a reinstall after uninstalling then deleting the vectorworks and nemetschek folders in the registry. For now since I have some basic drafting to do asap I had to find and install my old VW 9.5 and that is working as expected.
  3. I seem to be having similar issues, but I though it was just with making light positions. Since reading this post I've tried some other things out and I get nothing for label legend manager, assign label legend, and it seems the rest of the other options under "spotlight" aren't working either.
  4. I am not able to create lighting positions. I checked the manual and previously used VW 9.5 and never had trouble making positions in that version. I select the object, go to spotlight, define/convert, convert to light position and nothing happens. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  5. Thanks, that's what the problem was.
  6. I have windows XP Pro, VW Spotlight 9.5.2, and I am expeciencing loss of functionality when I use VW in another account besides my administrator account. For example the spotlight section in the menu bar does not show up and the spotlight pallete is unavailable. You might say well just use it in the admin account, well all I want to use the admin account for is installing software, hardware, and administration of my everyday account. It's just more secure that way. Is there any way I can get full functionality of VW Spotlight in my normal everyday account?
  7. I don't see that combination of folders. I have plug-ins/data and that's it. I am using VW Spotlight 9.5.2
  8. I use the Drawing Brdr tool in the spotlight pallete. I want to know if it is possible to change the line thickness of the border.
  9. I used the drawing border tool to make a border. Is there any way to change the line thickness of the border? The default line thickness is to thin for me.
  10. I used the drawing border tool to make a border for one of my draftings. Is there any way to change the linewight of the border? If not what is the default lineweight of the border so I can match the linewights in my custom title block to the border lineweight.
  11. Is there any way to make new patterns from scratch or edit existing patterns in more detail than just editing 64 pixels by turning them on or off?
  12. I was wondering the lineweight of the border, that the drawing border tool uses. I want to make my own title block, but I want the lineweights of what I make to be the same as the border. Also, is there any way to change the lineweght of the border? Thanks
  13. When I import auto cad files the hatching doesn't show up most of the time, or will only partially be there. Usually the architecture that was imported are all line segments. Is there a way to hatch in VW without redrawing the architecture with the wall tool or creating new polygons?
  14. Is there any way to change the lineweight of instruments. I have inserted them, then changed the lineweight but nothing happens and they print in one lineweight. Also is there any way to change the line weight of lighting positions after they have been converted to light positions with a certain lineweight. For example I have a line at 40 mils lineweight, that I converted to a light position(catwalk pipe). I have tried to change it to 20 mils, but nothing has happened. Do I have to redraw light positions if I want a new lineweight? If I do you guys should consider making lineweights of any object or device adjustable in the next version of VW.
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