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P Retondo

Grain pattern on cut wood detail - no "S" 's


In the natural world it is extremely rare for a piece of wood to have two heart centers - so why does the VW wood trim PIO show "S" shaped grain patterns? In all conventional architectural details, the grain is shown as roughly concentric curving lines. Could this tool be revised to use the traditional graphics? If nicely done, this would truly be a time-saving tool, but as it is currently designed, the tool is unusable if you care at all about the authority of your drawings.

This raises in my mind a question of software engineering process - how does it occur that something is programmed contrary to reality and universal drafting convention?

VW 10.5.1

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My belief is that the software engineers just don't get the finer points of architectural graphic standards and I'll add user functionality as well. Just try and edit the eave profile of a dormer (in 10.5.1). What use is the create dormer functionality when you can't edit the eave profile to match the other eaves of the building? It seems as if architects are not much involved in the process. Why can't I put a skylkight/dormer in a roof face. If the roof face is L-shaped in plan view why doesn't the upper eave profile conform to the design of the lower eave profile (it is always plumb cut even with roof holes and fascia preferenced to square)? It may just be the price we pay for not paying the higher price of Archicad. We get a great program at half the price but have to suffer numerous tidbit shortcomings that reflect on our authority as designers. It seems that the wood grain S patterns are for board faces and not end grain/cross sections. Why not have both as mode options? It would seem obvious at least. I don't expect them to work on 10.5 any further. Hopefully this can be put in 11 and I'll eventually have the cash to upgrade.

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