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COBie Preformatted Report Facility and Floor

Steve Murray


Vectorworks 2024 SP3.1


I have trouble getting some of the information in the preformatted reports COBie Facility, and COBie floor. In the data manager I have set the data to <COBie defaults>.

In the Facility report I can get quite a lot of the info. The source of the data is indicated in the preformatted report COBie Facility Help. Basically the data can be inputted in the dialog Export IFC Project. After filling all the fields on the different tabs of such dialog I can get the COBie facility schedule to show the info for the following columns: CreatedBy, CreatedOn, ProjectName, and most of the other columns but not the info for the column: Name, Category, SiteName, Description. I am pretty sure I have filled in the data according to the help worksheet as shown in the attached screenshot.


For the COBie floor report I cannot get anything at all. I have mapped all the stories in the Export IFC project dialog.


The above worksheet are of a special kind, in fact they do not have a database row, still the get the info automatically and can be recalculated to update it.

I have tried with fresh files and also by setting the model export model view to COBie management in the dialog above but no luck.


Anybody has any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 12.34.42.png

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There need to be some documentation on these COBie properties/records/filed/mapping. What is the mapping for the COBie Space report column Category? It Calls for =COBie.'Space'.'Category' but this field in not present in the Cobie space property set in data manager?

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