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Unit Numbers Not Importing to Vision from Vectorworks

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Hi All,


As the title suggests my unit numbers are not transferring from Vectorworks to Vision. I suppose I could be missing something, but this worked in 2023 as far as I can remember. This can be very frustrating when there are at least 185 fixtures in my patch. 


Is there anything I am missing? 


Vectorworks 2024 Update 2.1 (Build 735486)

Vision Plus, Professional,

Windows 10

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm just curious, are you using the Export ESC or Export MVR menu command? Or, perhaps, you are using Send to Vision? As far as I'm aware, this was working for all of the listed menu commands. But, if one of them broke recently, knowing which one you are struggling with will help us figure out what is going on more easily. Thanks!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Ok! That is good as Send to Vision should use MVR behind the scenes. I mostly wanted to make sure you weren't using ESC as it is a much older format and more prone to breaking as time goes on. That being said, you could try exporting an ESC as a workaround so long as you are not using GDTF.


Could you post/dm your VWX for us to investigate? Thanks!!

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