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Hi all,


I hope i'm not the 1000'th person to ask...

I like the new inventory & equipment list but got 2 main issues / questions:

1. When I build the Equipment Summary Key it also shows the 3D symbol of a truss for example... I understand that it just looks in the resource browser but in this way it makes the list very long. Is there a way to not show the 3D symbol. 

2. Can I change the category of symbols in the inventory & equipment list to what I category I want it to be? As many of the symbols show up as Symbol in stead of truss / audio / ... 




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


1. Are you speaking about the resulting key or the list of items available to be included when you have the dialog open? Either way, the list will always show you what it being used in the drawing. However, it should show only one of an item even if you're using dozens. If you have 100 TC1212 truss, the list should only show one TC1212 to be included in your key.

2. the category is based on the object type and is not editable. We can't call a light a rigging object. You -could- remove the records from symbols to make them non-PIO symbols, but then you'd remove all the functionality of the symbol.


If you have a sample file to help us understand what you're looking to do, it would help us understand your needs.

Thanks, Scott

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