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VW2024 - equipment summary key


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Loving 2024. Just have a few questions regarding the equipment summary key.


Where has the HIDE UNUSED TYPES toggle gone? I run an ESK with hundreds of symbols loaded in order etc. Which is a huge time saver for me. Now that I can't hide the unused symbols it means I have to spend time building the key every time. Can this toggle please be brought back or is it hiding somewhere new?




The news that we could display fixture modes in the equipment summary key sounded great, but it seems like it involves a huge amount of steps to get the information to display....


Download the GDTF information for the required fixture, at https://gdtf-share.com

 That's if the fixture has a GDTF file which I found a lot of fixtures are not on the site.... ETC Lustres..... GLP X4 bar 20 etc.... were missing....

Then I could request someone build me a file or build my own. Time consuming.


When it's toggled onto SHOW GDTF MODE every symbol then gets a '1' under it, which means you have to download a GDTF file for every symbol used to make the ESK look neat. 


Is there a way to display the dmx footprint with mode info? That's a very useful combo. I have been copy pasting LW info onto plans to show relevant fixture mode info.


Am I missing something here? Is there a simpler way? Will this get better? 


many thanks and a happy new year to you all....



Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 7.13.57 pm.png

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 8.22.00 pm.png

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Hello Damien,

These are great comments. I will add restore "hide unused equipment" as an enhancement request for further development. 


The collection of available GDTF profiles is increasing in the shared resource library, and we're working on making it easier to incorporate them. Currently, the proper GDTF mode is displayed when adding the Plug-In version of the light. The symbols are getting the "1" and are on our list to remove or replace with the mode. Grabbing the channel count is tricky. If you have one type of light but use some with one mode and others with another mode, they get split in the Key into different items. This presents a conflict when using the same symbol. We're collecting comments and working on solutions.


DMX footprint could replace the GDFT mode, and I'll put in an enhancement request. Perhaps a setting to choose what data field to show which would pull from the attached GDTF file.


4 hours ago, DCLD said:

Will this get better? 



Thanks, Scott

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