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Known Issues with SQLite linking

Don Seidel

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Apparently for quite a while, it's known for a long time that there are Mac issues connecting SQlite databases to a VW document. It's highly buggy at best, and broken at worst. The issue has zero weight to get fixed.


So I find it disingenuous that VW would publish a FEATURE ARTICLE on a tool that rarely works.



If the issue won't be fixed, fine. Then please remove the tool/function from the next update. But don't advertise things which clearly are not ready for mainstream use.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Don Seidel as far as I'm aware, SQLite is working ok. I know you are having an issue which you already are working with an engineer to figure out, and we're having trouble reproducing it on our side. I'm not sure you can blankly state that it's completely not working judging by the conversation on the filed issue.


Is this a new issue? Please file it as a new issue and let us know.

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